Position: Defense End

Age: 24

Invaders: Hi Janosch, great  to have you back in Hildesheim in 2018:

Invaders: Why did you choose Hildesheim for the next season?
Janosch: I chose to come back to Hildesheim because the management did an amazing job helping me feel at home last season. Hildesheim is also a small city compared to other teams like Berlin or Frankfurt, thus the fans are more authentic and there is a greater bond between players which is something I like to see in a team.

Invaders: Last year you were the most consistent player in our Defense. Whats your secret?
Janosch: Taking good pursuit angles and hustling to the ball. Although when you do your job and trust that your teammates will do theirs, ball carriers tend to run right into your lap.

Invaders: What do you expect for 2018?

Janosch: I expect the next step in professionalism. Any disrespect to a coach on or off the field sends you to the bench, seniority means nothing, and the best players will play. The GFL1 is a place to win first and have fun later, true sacrifice. I believe Hildesheim will take this step in 2018.

Invaders: Wherein the Invaders have to improve?
Janosch: I brushed over it a little in the last question, but players need to 100% back the goals and methods of their  individual coaches. Especially when the season takes a turn for the the worse.

Invaders: Your goals for 2018?
Janosch:  I never liked setting goals for the season. I found that if you do all the little things right the big things fall into place, and at the end of the season you will be extremely satisfied with yourself.

Invaders: How do you estimate the level of the GFL 1 North compared with the South?
Janosch: The Northern O-line are a lot bigger and stronger than the South. Typically I wouldn’t get out of my bed on Sunday mornings I would crawl out of it instead.

Invaders: Whats your favourite place in Hildesheim?
Janosch: Any time I would go into town I would end up in the city center, a very nice place to relax.

Invaders: On which player you have the most expectations?
Janosch: Not necessarily a player, but I can only expect the best of my fellow D-lineman. I hope they expect the best out of me also.

Invaders: Whats your favourite team in the NFL?
Janosch: I grew up in a Steelers household.

Invaders: Just for the books. Who is the best driver in the team?
Janosch: Why I don’t know, the only guy who comes to mind would be Torban Dill number 90#. Great driver but needs to work on his humor.

Invaders: Would you like to say a few personal words to he Invadernation?
Janosch: Thanks for accepting me into the Invader family once again, I will try my best to live up to your expectations. Lets make the 2018 season into something great.

Thank you for your time!