Interview: Keanu Ebanks

Position: Defense Line and Offense Line
Nation: Great Britain
Größe: 197cm
Gewicht: 117 kg

Invaders: Hi Keanu, we’re happy to have you here in Hildesheim in 2018!

Kenau: Hi Torben, thanks for having me, it’s great to be part of the team

Invaders: Why did you choose Hildesheim for the next season?
Keanu: When I came out there and met the team everybody seemed to have a real love for the game of football and were intent on winning some games, which is the culture i want to be around. Also everybody was really friendly and welcoming.

Invaders: Whats your favourite side of the field – Offense or Defense?
Keanu:  Defense, I’m a big fan of shutting down a teams offence and getting those big hits. Though, I do enjoy pancaking people as an offensive lineman.

Invaders: You were at the Tryout in Hildesheim – what do you think about the Invaders?
Keanu:  There was a good intensity at the tryout, with everybody trying to compete which is great to see. The players and coaching staff all seemed very knowledgeable and had a positive attitude about them.  Meeting the fans of the team was awesome as well.

Invaders: What do you know about the GFL 1 North?
Keanu:  I know there are 8 teams in the north, with the New Yorker Lions having won the northern division last year, before getting beat in the final.

Invaders: How do you estimate the level of the GFL 1?
Keanu: As far as I am aware GFL 1  is the highest quality of  american football found in Europe, I know there are gonna be some excellent players on my team and opposing teams, and I can’t wait to play them.

Invaders: Your goals for 2018?
Keanu:  To win games with the team, as a team. I want the team to play competitve games and get some big wins. I’d also want to personally make some big plays that support us in getting those wins.

Invaders: How did the conversations go with the Invaders?
Keanu: It started with the general manager messaging me and the other players, from there it led to flying out for a trial. Then I waited for the call, basically, to say I was part of the team.

Invaders: Ok short questions – just answer with one word. Your favourite colour?
Keanu: Blue

Invaders: Your favourite food?
Keanu: Steak

Invaders: Whats your favourite team in the NFL?
Keanu: New York Giants

Invaders: … and your favourite Player?
Keanu: Marshawn Lynch

Invaders: William or Harry?
Keanu: William

Invaders: Kate or Meghan?
Keanu: Meghan

Invaders: How do you spend your time, when you don’t have practice?
Keanu: Working out, listening to music, hanging with friends, I like playing bass guitar.

Invaders: Would you like to say a few personal words to the Invadernation?
Keanu: I would like to say thank you all for having me here, you’ve made me feel so welcome, can’t wait to meet all you guys. Go Invaders!

Thank you for your time!