Interview: Robin Sebeille

Position: Mainly TE and FB, but I’ve played a lot of O-line and D-line…

Invaders: Hi Robin, we’re happy to see you here in Hildesheim in 2018:

Invaders: Why did you choose Hildesheim as your team for the next season?
Robin: Hi, thanks, great to be part of the organization! I’ve choosen Hildesheim for many reasons. First of all, I wanted to perform in the GFL1, then my Coach (Coach Nommensen) said a lot of great things about the organization, then I liked my conversations with Mr. Rimrodt and Mr. LeFever and when I knew my man Shazzon Mumphrey was signed, I didn’t hesitate one second !

Invaders: How would you describe yourself as a person?
Robin:  I’d say that I’m a big competitor, and a calm person. I’ve always been taught to push myself to the limit and improve by learning from my mistakes and from the people around me. I’m always taking the positive vibes and doing my best to help as good as I can.

Invaders: You have been a part of the National Team of France since 2012. How was the time in Poland at the World Games?
Robin: Oh ! Poland was a great experience ! I like big games, I love playing against the greatest! First we played Poland and these guys were animals, like real freaks, it was a physical game and they sure prepared us very well to play the next game against the number 1 in Europe, which is Germany. This game was awesome. Big guys, technical and smart. Really good football team, it was a pleasure ! And winning at the end was just the best feeling ! I can’t wait for the European Championship in 2018, they are probably going to have their complete team this time and if we make it to face them again, it’s gonna be amazing !

Invaders: You played in Denmark and France and in 2018 you will play in Germany. What did you like or didn’t like on your „Europe“-Tour so far?
Robin: I pretty much like everything about the import life… getting time to think about nothing pretty much except Football is a good feeling and sure increases your potential, abilities and knowledge of the game. If I had something bad to say about it.. Its that after the season, you are just coming back to your country and have to find work and a place again cause I’m really from a small Island in the Indian Ocean (French Colony) so I have no family back in France, all that stuff is pretty annoying.

Invaders: What do you expect for 2018?
Robin: I expect a lot of good things for sure, like I said I’m a competitor, so no matter what or who we are gonna face, I expect to win games. The more we can!

Invaders: Your goals for 2018?
Robin:  My goals are for sure are to play  my best season so far ! I’m preparing like never before, I’m hungry and I want the organization to be proud of their choice.

Invaders: Do you know something about Hildesheim or Germany?
Robin: I don’t really much, I’ve obviously googled the city a little bit lol but otherweise.. not much at all.

Invaders: How do you estimate the level of the GFL 1?
Robin: I know it’s the best league in Europe, that’s why I wanted to perform there !

Invaders: Do you know what a „Döner“ is?
Robin: Ahahah ! I just googled it ! And I heard from a german buddy back in Denmark that Germany has the best ones, so I need to try it! (Wait! it’s a Kebab right?)

Invaders: Whats your favourite team in the NFL?
Robin: San Francisco 49ers babyyyy !!

Invaders: … and your favourite Player?
Robin: I don’t think I have a favorite player, I like a lot of ‚em but Dallas Clark (TE-Colts) surely is one of the guy I’ve started watching in Football and I’m a big big fan!

Invaders: Would you like to say a few personal words to the Invadernation?
Robin: Sure, I’d like to thank everybody! I already had a lot of players and people from Hildesheim adding me on facebook and sending me kind words for my birthday, wich was yesterday (November, 14th) and it made me proud of my choice. I’m very exciting to be part of the team and organization! I can’t wait to be there and start working with everybody and see the fans on gameday! GO Invaders!
Thanks a lot.

Thank you for your time!