Interview: Shazzon Mumphrey

Position: Quarterback
Invaders: Hi Shazzon, we’re happy to have you here in Hildesheim in 2018 – Why did you choose Hildesheim for the next season?
Shazzon: I chose Hildesheim for the 2018 season because I was very intrigued by the history of the program, and it’s a great opportunity to shake things up in the GFL and build on some good tradition. Aside from the fact that it’s the GFL which is the best there is, I was familiar with Head Coach Matt LeFever as well as Quarterback Coach/Offensive coordinator who both have great playing and coaching backgrounds. Everything just felt right. It was a pretty easy decision.

Invaders: How would you describe your style of playing quarterback?
Shazzon: As a Quarterback I like to consider myself a field general, someone who has command of the offense, knows it inside and out, and can help anyone on our side of the ball who is in need. Athletically I would compare my style of play a lot to Tyrod Taylor of the Buffalo Bills. I always want to make the play with my arm but it doesn’t always go as planned so I can get busy with my legs when needed or if that’s what’s asked me as a part of our offense. But, definitely pass first improvise second.

Invaders: …and as a person?
Shazzon: As a person I’m a very social, friendly, and outgoing guy. I’m respectful, helpful and very caring off the field. I think that translates well to the field because guys want to go to battle with someone that they trust. I’ve always been that guy.

Invaders: How was your time in Denmark and what do you like about Europe?

Shazzon: Denmark was a good overall experience. I would say it was  best for learning. I learned a lot as far as off the field stuff. I made some lifelong friends I believe and was fortunate to play the sport we all love so much. One thing that stuck out to me was how friendly and accepting the general population was in Vejle. The never treated or looked at me like an outsider which I was kind of expecting since I had never spent a long period of time in a foreign country.

Invaders: What do you expect for the 2018 season?
Shazzon: I’m expecting the 2018 season to bring a lot of things. There’s going to be tons of new great people to meet and become close with. I’m also expecting it to come with a lot of ups and downs too. Just being realistic no situation is ever perfect. What I expect is that we have great times where everything seems like it can’t get any better but I’m also prepared to deal with any turmoil or adversity thrown our way. When we persevere through whatever that may be and make light of it, it will make everything that much better. 2018 is going to be great I feel that we have an opportunity to turn it into something special based on what I’ve seen and what the organization and coaches are working so hard to get put in place.

Invaders: Your goals for 2018?
Shazzon: My goals for 2018 is to help this program advance, grow, and do things that have never been done in our history, from the GFL team all the way down to the little kids in U10. We all want to win and we will I just want everyone to have fun doing so and I want to be a part of a close knit group, I want it to actually feel like a family which is already seeming to do so based on the warm welcome I have received from everyone.

Invaders: Do you know something about Hildesheim or Germany?
Shazzon: I do not know a lot about Hildesheim but I’ve heard nothing but great things from people who’ve experienced it. I’m familiar with Germany a little bit since one of my best friends is born and raised in Kiel.

Invaders: How do you estimate the level of the GFL 1?
Shazzon: I feel that outside of North America, the GFL 1st Divison is the highest level of football that there is. I know many players and coaches who have taken their career and talents to the GFL. Also German players are the best it gets in Europe those guys can really ball.

Invaders: Whats your favourite team in the NFL?
Shazzon: That’s an easy one I am a DIE HARD, INDIANAPOLIS COLTS FAN!

Invaders: … and your favourite player?
Shazzon: Andrew Luck is my favorite player. I Love his game. May seem biased because I’m a Colts fan but I loved him at Stanford as well and was the happiest person ever when we got him in 2012.

Invaders: Would you like to say a few personal words to the Invadernation?
Shazzon: I would just like to tell everyone who is a part of invader nation that I’m extremely grateful for you guys welcoming me into your family. 2018 is going to be awesome. If anyone needs anything or just wants to reach out and chat I’m always available just message me on facebook. Everyone can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter @ShazzMumphrey5 I check these very often so yeah. Can’t wait until Jan/Feb to get to Hildesheim. Counting down the days! GO INVADERS! INVADER NATION!

Thank you for your time, we’re excited to see you step on the field next year!